The Wild Woman: The Beginning

We know them as Wild Women, Healers and Wise women, Queens, goddesses. They're also called witches, succubus, sometimes they're the ugly crone, the misshapen maiden.

A monster.

Either way, Monsters, we recognize her. Don't we? Better yet, we know her.

We are the ones who find ourselves out in the woods at night. We are the ones summoning her. We are the ones searching. Searching for the ones that are also like us. Because we know her, the way she knows us. The way she knows monstrosity, because she has to. Because that is a card that's been given to her in this life.

The same card has been dealt to us.

And so we find ourselves, out in the woods, out in her cottage, in her lair, in her castle. Wherever it is she dwells in the story.

We find ourselves sitting down for tea, listening to her story, To our story.

We recognize her, we know her. As a sister, as family; as a monster.

I'll be starting a new series of blog articles, Once every two months we will be celebrating a new wild woman. I’ll tell you her story, maybe I'll even write a poem. At the end of it, I'll give you a writing prompt based on her story, and I ask, if you feel inclined please submit them to the blog and maybe your writing will be celebrated, her monstrous self alongside yours.

With Monstrosity,

Kala Godin