Interview with Leticia Escalera on her upcoming memoir "A Journey to Begin in Life"

Leticia Escalera is an independent living skills trainer, who has worked with the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley and Disability Rights Advocate - California and has learning disabilities herself.

She's writing a memoir, A Journey to Begin in Life, and is hosting a workshop this coming Saturday, March 27th, at 11am, to raise funds for her memoir's publication.

1.  What are some misconceptions that people have about those with learning disabilities and can you correct those?

Some misconceptions that people may have are that individuals with learning disabilities are under-achievers.  Also that those with learning disabilities may not be able to develop good or proper social skills in order to be functional in different environments.

Furthermore, that people with learning disabilities lack intelligence, knowledge and wisdom in different aspects of life due to their learning differences and different learning processes.  In my upcoming memoir A Journey to Begin in Life I have addressed these misconceptions and assumptions by providing relevant information based on my own experience.

2.  What are some ways that people can make online events, classes, etc. more accessible to people with learning disabilities?

My recommendation is to offer or provide extra assistance to navigate any computer presentations or use other alternatives based on needs or special requests.

3.  What's the biggest struggle you still have today with your disabilities?

Basically, I still experience some of the same struggles and some new ones, but feel more confident about overcoming them with the use of all the resources and supports available nowadays for people with disabilities.

4.  What have you or others done that has helped you the most?

Believing persistently that I was capable of succeeding regardless of the struggles I encountered and what I had endured to accomplish my goals in general.  Having others believing in my possibilities and potential to succeed was crucial and still is today.

5.  Why did you decide to write a memoir? How do you think reading your book will help others?

I wanted to share with other individuals with learning disabilities my experience in overcoming obstacles and barriers to success in education, employment and life in general by using different learning alternatives, options and resources.

I believe this book will not only serve to help people with disabilities, but will also help parents and family members to support and assist a family member or other individuals who have learning disabilities.  Furthermore, my book will provide education to the general public about the firsthand experience of living with a learning disability.