a reflection



I drew the painting in the wake of a crisis I had experienced in life and called for reflection, learning to look fear in the eyes—to watch it, to study it—, to change and grow. Fear was a kind of monster. I realized that, in each of us, in different periods of life, there are monsters, and so I danced with my monster.


LIMOR ASHKENAZY, an Israeli born in 1973, is wheelchair-bound, diagnosed with Morquio syndrome. Limor began painting in 2004, and discovered the colors, the brush, the fabric, and her emotional world. Art is a place without boundaries, freedom and a vision in which a piece and another piece of soul weave the fabric of life.

Limor has been playing for 10 years at the "zulat" Community Theater in Bat Yam as a songwriter and playwright—modeling, teaching at various schools and organizations in Israel, promoting awareness and change for people with disabilities, and lecturing on sexuality and disability. She is currently raising money for her own performance, a performance show.