editor's note

Dearest Monsters,

This, our third issue of our literary journal and the third section of this book you hold in your hands, is a pleasure for me to present to you. Titled “Incandescence”, the word holds a few meanings which I believe combine perfectly for this state of the world we find ourselves in right now, in 2020. Incandescence is defined as emitting bright light as a result of being heated. However, it also can mean full of passion or rage. In this age of global pandemics and global protests for human rights, it felt the right choice to title this issue of Monstering. We hope this issue will bring you some light, and set off a spark that changes the world, or at least each of our small corners of it.

Monstering has felt some upheaval in recent months, alongside the rest of the world. We have worked hard to bring you this issue and are incredibly proud of the stories we now can share with you. We have many new writers in this issue, including the incredible works of Kara Dorris, the moving piece on how dogs choose their people by Lynne Schmidt and of course, the masterpiece of “somewhere between poetry and a play” that is Uma Dwivedi’s Frankenstein’s Monster and Michelangelo’s Angel.

We hope this issue, and this magnum opus of all our past published literature, provides you with some truth and some peace in these difficult days.

Our monsters are our greatest supporters and our greatest accomplishment, and we thank you for finding us and staying with us on this journey. Be well, and thank you.

With monstrosity,

Kristen Tollan