glamour shot/fasciotomy self portrait



I am an interdisciplinary visual artist and bruja. My current visual work documents subversive medical narratives and trauma as meme through ink drawings. As an art witch my focus concerns femmecentric protective medicine and weaponization of orthopedics. I work with handcraft, art rituals and graphic narrative.


INÉS IXIERDA is a queer Bolivian artist and designer in Oakland, California. She is currently drawing a graphic narrative and creating enchanted art objects.

Her work has been shown at SoMa Arts as part of the National Queer Arts Festival, at Sanchez Contemporary and at Qulture Collective. She has presented at the Graphic Medicine Conference, the Color of Violence conference and has created numerous arts programs in her work as an arts educator for over 15 years. Inés is also founder and proprietress of Bruxeria Designs, creators of Hex the Patriarchy. Find her on IG: Ines_Ixierda.