skirts, from above


A lift and a  fall   

out  of place / I  am having unbearable  difficulty

in being a Poet

Who holds the crown while I wait? The first god   

of mine: a beast              

with impeccable taste

his hand on my neck affirming             

that  there was enough

of us 

to mean something


In order to make yourself comfortable

you are allowed to do whatever is needed

even murder, thieve and rape

Be our guest, welcome in

We have been anticipating your arrival

full of dreadful excitement 

We have made the beds and set the table

and prepared our bodies   so well


For    the poem           

I would make any sacrifice

For you:      I would sacrifice

the poem


Father: fuel and fire

He has given me nothing             

other than my beautiful             



Twirl! The bells sound   

I spin spin am dancing     

but not a dancer

of course: a spectacle

brilliant, unprofessional


Don’t you love

who I  become          don’t you

become, love

ADITI NAGRATH is a poet, art therapist, and part-time monster based out of New Delhi, India. She believes that the only way out is through. All of her poems are dedicated to you.