End over end

The boy pivots in slow motion


Furled like a flower In snow

A parabola whose arc begins at shattered windshield

And ends with crack of collagen

On gored asphalt

Now the sirens

Slice the clothes

Haul him through the blue

To the chopping block

The boy lives through pains he won’t remember

Cutting and pasting his body

In a montage of grafted bone

While he dreams of deserts

Whose sands vanishIn vacuous sinkholes

Behold the boy remade

Enthroned on his steed of aluminum

Captaining his broken body

His wheeled ship adrift

As though at sea

I set out into the waves

Ocean writes animist literary fiction, nightmare fairy tales, poetry based on recording devices left by ancient sentient species found in the fossil record, surrealist realism, postcards to no one, erasure novels, and abstract erotic literature, and has lived with a C-6/7 Spinal Cord Injury for the past 18 years .