human heart, or else

Aditi Nagrath
Content Warnings
"the animal harsh wild unforgiving..."
Dec 24, 2020 9:48 PM

the animal harsh wild unforgiving

its ache an instinct a must-have-been-

real thing cannot deny its loud loudness

or hunger the wrong mouth in the right

place makes for a great story the right

mouth in the wrong place makes for

an even better one the wrong mouth

in the wrong place makes for only the

two of us suspended in an intolerable

narrative inside whose body we swim

gracelessly blind with suffering

but at least our hearts are held hands

held hours held in horribly fantastic

unhuman ways the speaking is not

easy but at least the dance is

entirely effortless

ADITI NAGRATH is a poet, art therapist, and part-time monster based out of New Delhi, India. She believes that the only way out is through. All of her poems are dedicated to you.