melusine on a williamsburg sunday

Liv Mammone
Content Warnings
Body Horror
"Violet droplets fall as she lifts a virescent question mark ..."
Dec 24, 2020 9:48 PM

Melusine is a fae princess of French folklore who is cursed to grow a dragon-like tail each Sunday. In the myth, she marries a mortal prince and hides this from him by locking herself in a marble bath. You can see her now on the logo for Starbucks.

Violet droplets fall as she lifts a virescent question mark

of tentacle from jasmine scented water.

A new bath bomb from her

monthly trip to Lush. All the stores peddle

December, the celebration when

men tore down her mothers’

feast days, took their pain, and called it holy.

She still remembers a wilder world; the calls of mourning

doves. Those ancestors to today’s pigeons,

missing legs and orange eyes.

Dissonance, not unlike herself;

she likes anything chimera. Seven hundred years

and, finally, a small salvation.

She doesn’t  have to look at her fault

line in the painted water. Safety is a toy for big little girls who

find their bodies too much limb, their brains too polluted.

In the morning, when her legs return, there will be glitter hickies

where her suction cups stuck to the sides of the tub.

She has been here since eleven the night before

gripping the faucet handle with a sucker to keep

the water warm. The playlist filled with Santigold

and FKA Twigs will run until just

before morning—only necessary silence

when all these long ends coalesce again.

The cat won’t need to eat

since he smells prey here. He doesn’t leave

the bath mat but will purr when she half-falls

out of the tub tomorrow, equal parts devotion

and hunger. The Mirtrazapine,

in addition to leveling her mood,

makes her sleep even sitting up.

She keeps waiting to drown.

Mel leans her head back. Her nights are always long.

Her door has six locks even with gentrification.

She can smell herself mingled with the heavy perfume

of the bomb, like koi in a pond surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Under the ink, her curse finds the girlhood it forgot, a grotto

amongst kelp fronds. She pushes a tip

inside herself, then two, three…

The bath froths with her lashing.

LIV MAMMONE is an editor and poet from Long Island, New York. Her poetry has appeared in wordgathering, monstering, Wicked Banshee, The Medical Journal of Australia, and others. In 2017, she competed team for Union Square Slam as the first disabled woman to be on a New York national poetry slam team and appeared in the play The Fall of All Atomic Angels as part of a festival that was named Best of Off Off Broadway by Time Out Magazine. She was also a finalist in the Capturing Fire National Poetry Slam in Washington DC. Her most recent editorial job, Uma Dwivedi’s poetry collection They Called her Goddess; we Named her Girl, was nominated for a Write Bloody book award.