Overgrowing Biology

Juliana Freire
Content Warnings
“1. calligraphy notebooks and perfectly fitted clothes...”
Jan 13, 2022 7:09 PM
  1. calligraphy notebooks and perfectly fitted clothes. sitting on the helm of the table, with their chin on the wood. orange juice with lots of sugar. pigtails on very curly hair. stains on very easy smiles.
  2. too big letters and too tall for the mirror. no one is excited about this. sick of anything that isn't coca-cola. dry and rebellious cactus-like mane. overspilling black clothes and zombie halloweens.
  3. slender men and jeff the murderous and frankie stein. inhuman and evil and twitching hands and purple horns and devilish smiles. no pressure to be good or follow scripts. skulls and blue hair.
  4. not a witch. her hands were slow and her mind traveled in airplanes of thought. she liked to talk, she never asked. i can see what my grandma got from her. it's disorientating.
  5. it's all a farce. i thought i was the only one following scripts but every woman in my blood has been brainwashed with clean sheets and unwrinkled socks. do i follow tradition or do i break them?