the medical model enters the scene

Cade Leebron
Content Warnings
"I’m naming this disease before other..."
Dec 24, 2020 9:48 PM

I’m naming this disease before other

people jump on my bandwagon. Welcome

to Diagnosisland. My fault here: sure,

let’s say it’s compartmentalization

of the heart-brain. Can someone please shrink

me, fix me, my harlot ways. Like one man

in one lobe, you in another. The pink

of me divided. Brains, I mean. On scans

this shit doesn’t show up. Do I love like

a psychopath (and other questions I

haven’t asked my doctor)? Do I kiss like

your dream girl, because I try. Yes, that guy

from Brooklyn bought me nice pizza, but who’s

keeping track? I’m yours, I’m his. It’s lose-lose.


CADE LEEBRON lives in Columbus, OH. She holds an MFA from The Ohio State University, where she served as an editor at The Journal. Her work has appeared in The Boiler, American Literary Review, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. She exists online at, and on Twitter, @CadeyLadey