White Knight IV

Kitlyn Varnam
Content Warnings
“I feel like a fairy tale trope...”
Jan 27, 2022 5:28 PM

I feel like a fairy tale trope:

the witch who envies the princess,

the beast who yearns for human touch.

It takes time to need only your own skin,

to not circle outside the walls of the castle

and wonder why you cannot feast at the table.

But the royal family eats my kin in their great hall.

Why would I want to betray my own heart

to win the hand of a prince on my smooth pelt?

I am changeling, werebeast, monster.

No love will make me human. The choice

is to feel my clawed embrace or love softer things.

My smile embraces my fangs; I see best in the dark.

I will not stay, wishing; I need no distant star.

I will revel in the night with other strange hearts.