Wild Women Series: Medusa

Kala Godin
Content Warnings
Today, we focus on the wild woman who we know as Medusa...
Dec 29, 2021 7:37 PM

Today, we focus on the wild woman who we know as Medusa.

Most of us know this story, or a version of it. A goddess running from a greedy god; she is only searching for sanctuary. She finds herself confronted by another goddess, one filled with jealousy and spite.

How could Poseidon pursue Medusa, when Athena considers herself to be more beautiful.

And so Athena curses Medusa, so that no one will ever desire her. More so, so no one can stand to look at her.

"Medusa and I?

We “get” each other.

...Even though I'm terrified of snakes….

And it's not,

Because I dyed blonde to blue.

But because,

People refuse to look me in the eyes.

Like somehow,

Looking directly at my wheelchair,

Is going to turn them to stone."

The Tale of a Gorgon by Kala Godin

Many of us know what it's like to have a visible disability. We can feel the other people stare at us, like we are in a zoo.

This month I have a writing prompt for you.

What does your monstrosity look like?

Please feel free to submit your writing to the blog.